During the conversations, most of the time the debates aim at the credit without justification of use and type consumption, like the main cause of the excessive indebtedness of the living together. The true imbalance of the borrowed profiles overindebted, to whom the fault?

Is it a clumsiness of the financial organizations that distribute too easily the loans of money without respecting the capacity of repayment customers sufficient to control the risk of unpaid on outstanding?

Or should we blame consumers who do not take seriously the fact of undertaking the process of checking the ability to repay before committing?

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Every year a large number of households and households made up of one or more individuals are in financial distress , and are forced to find a way out of over-indebtedness at the risk of personal bankruptcy.

It does not matter why and how when the budget situation is chaotic, ie close to the Bank of France (BDF) result! The first thing to do is act as quickly as possible to solve this financial distress and get away with it!

The analysis of the causes of over-indebtedness

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First of all, it is important to understand where the anomaly comes from, which leads to a profound imbalance in the good management of the budget. It is by coming to detect the cause or causes of the over-indebtedness , that the interested party will be able to set up a plan of deleveraging adapted to this uncomfortable banking position.

Although it may be thought, the use of consumer credit is not the black spot related to these problems. Fortunately, and unlike other countries, the distribution of personal credit Gellertment is very framed in France.

The files submitted to the BDF each year by the indefinitely indebted individuals generally present delays of payments of rents with regard to the tenants, or defaults of settlements on the maturities of the mortgage for the owners.

Then as the expression indicates, the excess of debts can have several faces, as being the fruit of a bad management of account of the debtor (s), but also can be drawn by an excess of charges to pay periodically, several times during the year, or following a layoff end up for a long period of unemployment. Not to mention that this can happen after a divorce or separation , and again for illness or accident, finally anything that can directly or indirectly cause a decline in income .

The solution to get out of over-indebtedness

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What you do not want to do is to be discreet about the start of debt, because it can very quickly become out of control and can have severe consequences at all levels. It is then necessary to find the right person to confide in so that it can help as much on the physical aspect as the mental aspect.

The solution to get out of over-indebtedness is to find an effective way to clean up, and pay all the debts due from outstanding debts.

So several ways exist for the indebtedness:

  1. he can get closer to the BDF to file an over-indebtedness file.
  2. it can also be made a redemption of debts by soliciting a broker of regrouping of credits
  3. he can ask a relative to lend him money
  4. ……