What are the figures expressed in% related to household indebtedness according to the socio-demographic profile? According to the type of housing? According to professional characteristics? Depending on resources and repayment capacity?

According to socio-demographic profile

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The figures of people over-indebted in France, and according to the number of files deposited at the Banque de France by individuals or individuals in a situation of over-indebtedness, shows 35.4% of couples and 35.6% of divorced / separated persons, but also 23.8% singles and 5.2% widowers.

It is concluded that it is the individuals who do not have dependents who are the most indebted , they represent the share of 51.5%. To put it simply, according to the study on household debt published by the BDF, the more dependents there are in a household the less indebted it is. For the households of four or more persons with charges, they are approximately 4.4% against 19.5% for dwellings with 1 declaring dependents.

The most over-indebted are the 35-44 year olds who arrive at a rate of 26.8%, just after the follow-up of the 45 – 54 year olds for 26.3%. The segment for the least exposed age group is the + 65 age group for 8.1%.

By sex, it is found that women have a rate of 54.5% against 45.5% for men. Probably more consumption and less controlled with the help of consumer credit subscribed with financial institutions or banks.

According to housing and professional characteristics

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According to the survey published by BDF the figures as a percentage of the number of files of people in a situation of bankruptcy suggests the first place tenants for a representation equal to 77.5%. Then, it comes free and gratuitously hosted people for 10.1%, and 3.1% owners just after acceding homeowners for 7.7%.

So who are the most exposed?

  • It is clear that employees on permanent contracts are 30.3% the most debtors with the unemployed for 28.7%, both ends!
  • By occupation and socio- professional category they are employees and workers (34.4% and 24.3%). Between the two, the other people without professional activity + 26.7%.

Depending on resources and repayment capacity

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About 50 percent of the debtors are in the income bracket, ranging from wages above the minimum wage to € 3,500 and above. The rest of the population (RSA to SMIC) is almost equal to 50%.

The debt structure is designated by 54.80% of activity income and 16.50% for pensions, followed by family benefits and housing with 15.70%.

The lack of repayment capacity is fortunately 53.50%, and it is not enough.