Who is responsible when an individual is left with financial incidents impacted by delays in payment of installments related to the proper repayment of the credit subscribed?

Is it the responsibility of the lending institution to have granted the desired loan of money that allowed the debtor (s) to carry out the targeted projects?

Or is it the borrower (s) who, through desire or need, have come closer to themselves, voluntarily from the credit institution (s), to solicit and obtain the loan? desired cash envelope?

Excessive credit consumption and overleveraged profiles

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It is clear that a household or a home with significant resources, the ability to generate an ability to buy one or more consumer goods and services, strongly encourages consumers who are neither more nor less people to profiles active in the company, or those who benefit from the payment of a pension (s) or other perennial income thus making it possible to ensure the good repayment of said contracted loan.

For example, the cash flow through a Valmontment plan, which has revolving credit as its banking support, causes difficult and risky budget management situations over the months and years. Because the principle is that the starting capital borrowed, very kindly proposed by the sellers traders and the big signs, and with the properties triggering a reserve of money grafted to the card of the agency emitting said service of “fidelity” “.

Almost a commercial hint put forward systematically by sellers of any order. The fact is that such an action is a danger to the balanced budget of the portfolio, and especially as a revolving credit obtained without justification is a penalizing actor to manage perfectly the management of the individual budget.

For processing of client files whose nature is a debt restructuring operation, there is no overflow on how to investigate the case. Taking care on the part of the financial analyst in charge of the study to proceed to the verification of all the essential points which make it possible to define if the borrower is able to support the good refund of the capital remaining due of the borrowing.

The guilt of credit houses

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Each of us knows deep down that creditors are absolutely not philanthropists!

Quite often it is the priority creditors to be singled out as the main administrators of the household debt cause , yet it is a real exchange, a real money lending contract signed between two parties.

A lending organization, such as a bank or an institution of any kind, has only one objective, namely profitability, and this generally to the detriment of customers. It is true that cash lending distributors are constantly imagining Valmontments’ new products and their creation in order to meet the needs of consumers, but which offers a strong return.

A mutual agreement of trust which commits both of them to respect the protocol defined by the Consumer Credit Act and the stipulations of commitments stipulated precisely, must be theoretically expressly specified with irreproachable clarity to that or that which gives way and which naturally subscribes to the proposal issued by said Almanort.

Obligation of borrower (s)

It must of course also correctly emphasize that consumers accentuated, that is to say who spends without counting, more than their budget allows, and considerably exceeding their ability to repay until they are over- indebted .

It must be remembered that a simple declaration on the honor of the subscriber (s) gives the right to the protection of the lender by satisfactorily and fairly fulfilling the task of the financial advisor or the intermediary in banking operations and payment services ( IOBSP) to undertake the duty to provide advice and information to his / her client (s).

But it is bad faith not to establish an in-depth study of the claimant’s situation, in order to ensure a borrowing for responsible consumption that commits the participant to pay the borrowed cash envelope in its entirety. Unknowingly acquitted without really analyzing the likely degree of risk of the occurrence of payment incidents.

Throughout the settlement of the bills of appearance periodic maturity of the monthly payments, the restitution of the royalty which can be of many category:

  • With reflective attribution characteristics, the offer of personal loan is granted exclusively to signatories whose authorized debt ratio does not exceed the 33% of the budget related to the monthly expenses and expenses .
  • Or also in the regenerative format, ie reconstitutable during the salary. Especially very easy to obtain and allowing, a use of anyone who has been accepted a revolving credit without pay slip justifying the solvency of the applicant.