A lending institution means a financial institution lending a sum of money to a customer in return for payment by the latter of interest over the entire term of the loan. The lending institution may be a bank or a credit institution. There are many lending institutions in France

If you want to borrow, think about comparing their credit offers.

More on Lender

 More on Lender

Various lending institutions can help you realize your real estate project. Depending on your status, you should prefer a priority lending institution offering an offer you adapted to facilitate obtaining your mortgage.

There are 2 types of lending institutions:

money lending

  • the banks
  • credit organizations

Banks can offer borrowers particularly attractive borrowing rates to build loyalty. From the application for credit to the release of funds, the process can however be long.

Credit organizations are specialized in credit operations. This is indeed their only activity. They have the advantage of acting quickly with a short response time. A loan agency adapts to your status and helps you in your mortgage application. Credit institutions are legal persons that take charge of banking operations such as credit and the management of means of payment.

It is important to choose your lending institution because by borrowing money to make a project a reality, you are in contact with it for several years. Remember to inform yourself about the lending institution that may be best suited to your needs and expectations. Compare the offers offered by the different lenders and study them in the details so as not to have any bad surprises afterwards.

Lending institutions: Broker’s word

In order to optimize your mortgage, consider using the services of a broker specializing in credit, loan redemption and creditor insurance. He knows all the tricks to lower the overall cost of your loan and will find you for the lending institution offering the most benefits.