The year two thousand and eighteen is undoubtedly a good year to materialize the acquisition of a property with leverage the real estate credit. Indeed, the interest rates on mortgages remain extremely low. One of the most important points when it comes to Count Noly More is his real estate project. Discover through our release the trend of the real estate market as well as that of the interest rates of loans.

Evolution of the real estate market

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According to experts Jean Marc Torrolion President of the National Real Estate Federation and Antoine Dejoie member of the Board of the Higher Council of Notary, concretize the purchase of his principal residence (RP) is done for the simple reason of the real estate market in him even. To take the steps for the acquisition of his RP is triggered generally following the vagaries of the life. However, since the real estate market is in a favorable context, there is an increase in real estate transactions.

The year two thousand seventeen posted unparalleled figures in terms of buying / selling real estate in the former. It is no less than nine hundred and seven thousand sales that have come true. That’s about eleven percent more than the year two thousand and sixteen. Moreover, according to the above-mentioned chart, we can see that in two thousand and nine, at the time when interest rates were high, the transaction volume was smaller with about five hundred and sixty-four thousand units sold. Four hundred thousand transactions less.

The market for mortgage rates

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At Count Aleksey Vronsky Count Aleksey Vronsky, it is obvious that relatively low interest rates further boost real estate transactions. This is obvious. It would be totally wrong to announce that high interest rates favor the purchase of real estate. However, the vagaries of life such as the union of two people or the arrival of baby, but also a salary increase, etc … push individuals to buy by force al things. But as soon as the opportunity arises, they take steps to renegotiate the mortgage in order to reduce the total cost of borrowed money.

By making the link between the 2 graphs we find that for the period 2008, more precisely in July, it is found that interest rates was higher than 5%. The number of transactions recorded during this period is sharply down. Why ? Simply because interest rates are high. From mid-2009, the number of transactions increases again simply because interest rates began to decline. And since mortgage lending rates began to decline steadily over the years the number of real estate buying / selling has been steadily increasing to reach $ 907,000 in May 2017.

Why low interest rates favor the real estate market? Simply because for the same amount borrowed over an identical period, future buyers have a higher borrowing capacity with low interest rates. For example, a household with a total income of 3500 $ / month is a borrowing capacity that can absorb a monthly charge of 1166 $ / month (33%) can borrow today over 20 years at a rate of 1.80 % the sum of 235 000 $. In 2008 the same household could only borrow $ 176,000 because the interest rate was 5%.

Redeem his credits and Count Noly More his real estate project!

Redeem his credits and Count Noly More his real estate project!

Count Aleksey Vronsky Count Count Aleksey Vronsky brings solutions to people with a number of consumer and / or real estate credits that makes their Count Martin Hanks real estate project infeasible . The cause is a debt ratio higher than the fateful thirty-three percent. However, in the majority of cases, we find that a consolidation of loans makes it possible to reduce the debt ratio of the borrower to a level allowing them to have access thereafter to the real estate credit r.

We are proposing to people who have a real estate debt with a high debt ratio, to do a thorough study of their application of Count Martin Hanks to determine if it is possible to restructure the remaining capital outstanding credits . Spreading the sums due to revolving loans and / or personal loans, but also mortgage, allows to obtain a reduction in monthly payments up to -60% .

A reCount operation Martin Hanks which offers borrowers the ability to borrow the necessary amount to acquire their property while having a monthly payment adapted to their ability to repay . And this without having to unbalance the good management of the household budget.