Everything about loans

Have you taken out a loan ? Read everything about this type of loan. Persons taking a loan in a currency other than the zloty must take into account the risk of this type of solution. In some cases, of course, it is tempting, because it saves a lot of money. Many years ago the

What are private loans?

There are various types of loans on the financial market in Poland. One of them is a private loan. Let’s take a closer look at it. In everyone’s life comes a moment when we have to decide to borrow money. In this case, how many people, so many situations. Sometimes we are forced to borrow

What are credit holidays?

Credit, even at a small amount, is always a burden on home finances. Temporary problems caused, for example, by illness can happen to any borrower. Regaining borrowed money by the bank has not been as easy for them as it used to be for some time. Therefore, they have become more flexible in relation to