The Banko has just released its “2014 Typological Survey on Household Overindebtedness”.

She was immediately relayed by a number of media that have often titled on the isolated people without really going beyond a few numbers.

Who are the over-indebted people?

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Individuals in fact represent 64.6% of the admissible debt overhang. They therefore deserve a little more interest in them. Let’s see, moreover, how to decompose these 64.6%! They are first divorced or separated for 35.6%, then singles for 23.8%, finally widowers for 5.2%.

The answer is about the general statistics, 54% women, tenants for about ¾, a little over one in two between 35 and 54, a little over one in five over 55 years and 8% over 65.

About 26% unemployed and almost 10% without activities due to disability or long-term sick leave, for example. So a very sad summary could be the following: the typical profile of the over-indebted is a tenant living alone with no activity or low income.

What explanations for overindebtedness?

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Many single people have suffered separation , illness or an accident of life , loss or precariousness of their job. Their budget is therefore constrained, insufficient.

Older people, for example, face a sharp drop in income when they become widowed or after helping their children or living a few years on their final savings. Overall, among the over-indebted, the over-65s increased from 4.3 to 8.4% in ten years.

And of course, when you (re) find yourself alone, you can not share the rent, the expenses.

A vicious circle then develops: only we have difficulties to receive or accept an invitation, we isolate ourselves socially, which weakens the moral equilibrium. As a result, we are even more prone to illness, depression, carelessness. We succumb more easily We fall back on ourselves and we deprive ourselves of moral support. And yet …

This support is essential as for all types of debt distress and especially for those who are isolated.

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It is necessary to be able to find the spring to discuss with his banker or a broker for the purchase of credit for a loan consolidation because a single monthly payment will always be less than the sum of several. And the statistics say it: an indebtedness holds on average 4.1 renewable credits , that in spite of the rather beneficial effects of the law Lamaport.